Mild Steel General Purpose Fume Cupboard
Mild Steel General Purpose Fume Cupboard

Mild Steel General Purpose Fume Cupboard

Fume cupboards, also known as laboratory chemical hoods, fume hoods, fume cabinets or film filtration cabinets are large pieces of scientific equipment very common in chemical, biological and medical laboratories. They are fume extraction systems designed to protect researchers in from toxic fumes.

Lab hoods were invented over one hundred years to protect scientists and lab workers who needed to handle hazardous materials.

Over the years, there have been many refinements to the original Victorian design, but the basic concept of laboratory hoods remains the same.
Fume hoods were originally made from wood, but now epoxy coated mild steel is the favoured main construction material.



  • Constructed of 1 mm thickness EG sheet.
  • Full epoxy powder coating.
  • 1 unit of fiberglass inner liner. (Hood)
  • 1 piece of 19 mm thickness of epoxy work top. (Black)
  • 1 unit of 20w LED light.
  • 1 unit of light switch.
  • 2 units of electric socket plug.
  • 1 set of water outlet & remote control.
  • 1 set of gas outlet & remote control.
  • 1 set of water drip cup.
  • Sash: 6mm thickness of tempered glass.
  • 1 set of mild steel base cabinet. (Fully Epoxy Powder Coating)

New Module Design. (Without any welded compartment)


  1. W1200-D800-H2400 MM
  2. W1500-D800-H2400 MM
  3. W1800-D800-H2400 MM

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