Scrubber PP Sheet (Rocket Design)
Scrubber PP Sheet (Rocket Design)

Scrubber PP Sheet (Rocket Design)

Scrubber fume cupboards absorb the fumes through a unit filled with plastic shapes. These shapes are soaked in water. Substances removed are thus washed into a sump, which is often filled with a neutralizing liquid. The fumes are then evacuated in the usual manner.


  • Anti-corrosive
  • Excellent quality
  • Customized
  • Long life service
  • Outstanding performance
  • Easy to use


Success in Manufacturing in PP Equipments:-

  • We are  introduced innovative engineering design and development in manufacturing of PP Equipment.
  • Introduction of radius at corner using full sheet of Thermoplastic for Pickling Tank. Weld less radius provide sound mechanical strength.
  • Solid all Plastic Tank incorporating massive load support structure for mechanical strength for Galvanizing of heavy weight structure
  • PP Tanks with integral fume collection ducting for exhaust.
  • PP Tanks with integral Heating System.

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